The new Westermo podcast explores the world of industrial networking

Audio player with the Westermo podcast.

The popularity of podcasts is rapidly growing due to their easy-to-digest nature. Due to their always-on availability, they are easier to find the time to listen to and can fit into the busy schedule of working professionals. Evelina Öhlander and Ant Lane, creators of the newly launched, "The Westermo Podcast", aims to, through easy-going interviews with industry and technology experts, showcase the needs and solutions shaping the world of industrial data communications.

The hosts of the podcast are Westermo colleagues Ant Lane and Evelina Öhlander. Evelina, a creative and energetic person who heads up all things related to product marketing at Westermo. Ant is Westermo's global training and support manager and a passionate techie. They each bring different perspectives to the table, so hopefully, you will enjoy listening to them.

“I think it is wonderful to be able to learn from colleagues and customers and I look forward to sharing the journey with our podcast listeners,” Evelina comments about the podcast. “As a relative newbie to the world of industrial networking, I hope to bring a level of curiosity that will bring out some fun and interesting tidbits from our podcast guests.” she continues.

“We hope that our podcast will serve as a useful tool to educate and inform the market in an authentic and trustworthy way. As a bonus, I reckon we will have a lot of fun along the way as well”. Says co-host Ant. 

The first full episode of the Westermo podcast is now available to listen to on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, among others. To receive new episode alerts, subscribe or follow us on your favourite streaming platform.

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Jennifer Mooney-Perrotta

Customer service, Westermo North America

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