Zero-touch deployment to remote locations

When a project involves mass deployment, especially a system with many remote sites, configuration and management are considered laborious tasks. Due to the repetitive nature of mass deployment, there is a greater risk of misconfiguration due to lack of attention. In the deployment phase, the process is usually time-consuming and tedious, resulting in a high cost.

By implementing zero-touch deployment of remote devices, costs can be reduced and misconfigurations can be eliminated entirely. A zero-touch deployment involves automatically installing site-specific configurations, settings, and firmware on routers without the involvement of field engineers. In order to establish a connection with a remote server, devices need either a public or private Internet connection, such as xDSL or cellular. Depending on the setup required, this remote server can be in the cloud or in a physical location.

zero touch deployment using Westermo activator

As each location has a unique identifier, the system can automatically provision each device with the correct configuration and firmware. This file is auto-generated from a template, designed by engineers prior to deployment, and is very small in size. A small configuration file is loaded rapidly, keeping “time on site” to a minimum. Once loaded, the unit reports back to the top-end server informing the deployment of success, allowing the site engineer to move on to the next site and continue with the deployment. This task is then repeated until all sites are deployed.

Activator is the Zero Touch automated provisioning and monitoring system from Westermo. Activator can be either a cloud-based or a privately installed server.

Activator's Monitor provides your support team with access to router availability, real-time diagnostics, and dashboard reporting. Routers created as devices on Activator are also automatically created on Monitor. Together, Activator and Monitor provide a highly scalable management solution that grows with your service.

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